Mutapa Data Management Services

Mutapa Data Management Services

Data management is a critical function for any exploration or mining company. Get it wrong, and it can cost the company dearly.All too often companies end up generating large volumes of data but little information thus starving themselves of valuable knowledge by using structured, fragmented and duplicated datasets.

 Database Design

Database design and implementation is dependent on understanding the business strategy and required workflows. This is a critical process to implementing a successful data management system.

Most times companies end up installing a data management system that isnot aligned to their strategy or goals.

Mutapa has developed a structured process of designing a data management system that supports an organisation’s strategy and workflows. Our flexible management services are designed to suit a company’s strategic plan and budget.

We have experienced professionals with industry experience to designthese databases.

Mutapa’s database design includes:

  • Review Process;
  • Database Design and Construction;
  • Database Implementation;
  • Database Performance Review; &
  • IT Performance Review

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